College Majors

Choosing a Major in College:

If you want to get a degree from a US college or university, you  must first select a “major.”

A “major” is a set oGain admission to your dream schoolf courses or classes that you will take in college as part of your US degree. The classes that every student must take no matter what their major is are  called, “core classes” while the classes that only students in their selected major can take are called, “electives.”

Your major in college reflects  the area in which you will focus for your degree. You will select a major depending on your career interests.  Sometimes a student will choose a broad major, such as “Biology,” and other times a student may choose a very specific major, such as “Marine Biology” or “Nano.biotechnology.”  US colleges and universities offer hundreds of majors. So  it is important that you  choose an institution that offers the major that you  want to study

You can also get a “double major” (or even a triple major!) This means you will specialize in two different areas.  For example you may wish to become an Art Dealer, and therefore choose to study both Art and Business.  By combining the required core courses for both degrees  (they may not know who a Academic Counselor is) you can get a double major.  Or you can  “major” in Art (to continue this example), and  “minor” in Business.  Many colleges offer the option of “minoring” in a field, meaning that you must take a certain number of courses in that field, but not as many as is required for it to be a major.

Choosing a major can sometimes be difficult and scary.  Students often worry, “How will I know if I like something until I try it?”  or  “What if I change my mind?”  or  “I am not sure what job I want to spend my life doing, so how do I know which degree I should get?”  These are all good questions, and  and many students worry about the same thing that you do!

If you know exactly what career you want to have, then selecting a major is easy..  Then it is simply a matter of finding a college that offers your degree program and you can begin the course of study.

If you are not sure what to study or what career you want to have, then you must spend some time researching different kinds of careers .

This may be done with the help of a College Consultant like PlanetGPA or a university Counselor. You can also talk to  people who are working in different jobs or fields and learn more about what they studied in college. Also read job postings on different sites and see what majors companies are looking for.

If you are a student who still does not know what to study, don’t worry about it. Many US colleges and universities allow  students to start college without a major.  These students are classified as  “undeclared” or “undecided,” and they spend the first one or two years taking classes from a variety of programs until they are ready to choose their major.  When students take different classes, they have a better chance of deciding what they want to study and what career they want to follow.

Some students may change their mind after they enroll in a certain major. US colleges and universities allow students to do this. Students who do this early in their degree program won’t have to take additional courses. But if a student decides in the third or fourth year of an undergraduate degree to change their major, the student may have to take more classes. It will also affect their graduation date.

So you must think carefully about choosing a major in college. While there are many majors that US cfolleges and universities offer, it is important to know what to major in college.

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