Admissions Checklist to US Colleges and Universities

Admissions Checklist to US Colleges and Universities:

The following checklist is a detailed list of items you may need to apply to top US colleges and universities. Follow these admission instructions carefully and faithfully. If you don’t, your application may be delayed and may not even be considered or rejected. Top US colleges and universities are often very particular about requirements.

  1. US University Application Form: You can apply online to most US colleges and universities. A few allow you to print the form and mail it. If you choose to mail the application, make sure you use a reliable courier service. In many cases, you have to pay an application fee which can be paid online.
  2. Official high school and college diploma and/or mark sheets: If you are a US citizen and live in the US, you can request your high school or university to send your transcript to the US universities where you are applying. Some institutions charge a small fee. Also, they may take a while to send your transcripts. So start early!  For international students this is a big challenge, because universities want originals and not copies. In other words, you cannot make a  copy and send it to the US universities where you are applying. Instead you must ask your high school or university to send the transcript directly to the US universities of your choice. Start this process early as universities may take some time to issue the transcripts.Official High School Transcripts and its evaluation (for Undergraduate students) and/or an official course-by-course transcript and/or World Education Services (WES) evaluation of foreign educational credentials.* * For complete list of evaluation agencies please follow the link:
  3. Proof of Language Proficiency (original TOEFL or IETS Scores) TOEFL minimum scores: iBT 61 or greater, CBT 173 or greater, PBT 500 or greater IELTS minimum score: BAND 5.5 or greater. Most universities would like 550. (All test scores must not be more than two years old)( Note: Scores must be sent directly from the testing agency to the University – photocopies or student copies of the score reports are not acceptable)
  4. Proof of Immunization against measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR), HBV & Tetanus
  5. Photocopy of Passport, (first and last page) and copy of Visa, and I-94 card (if currently in the US)
  6. Current and previous I-20s (if transfer student) or DS 2019 (if J1 visa holder)
  7. F-1 Visa Compliance Form Affidavit of  Support (signed and stamped by Notary Public/Legal Official)
  8. Original Financial Documents in form of Bank Statements or letters.
  9. Two (2) or more academic or professional Letters of Recommendation (Graduate Students Only).
  10. Graduate students must complete Program Specific Requirements which may include a writing assessment including essay or Statement of Purpose.

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