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When I registered for Planet GPA, I honestly did not expect much. It was like any other registration online and I had nothing to lose, thus, you can imagine my surprise when I did get a call back and was offered  a free counselling session. Ever since then, my perspective towards US University applications changed, and I started to understand that, which until then was incomprehensible to me.  I was assigned a Counselor named Ashok. I had no idea who he was or what he looked like. All I knew was a voice via skype, and that voice was the most reassuring sound to me during my application times, and above all, he was always there when I needed him, whether it be to answer some complicated query, or just a inspiring word to console me when I was apprehensive, and it is all thanks to him that today I have the admission that I dreamed of. This personal attention to the student's needs is something that I cannot expect from anywhere else, and that I believe is the most unique feature of Planet GPA. I have already recommended it to some of my friends, and intend to do more.  When it comes to knowledge and expertise, I believe my view would be a bit biased, as I rely too much on Ashok's guidance. Throughout the past few months, his expertise has been invaluable to my applications, and I could not do it without him. I would give the overall service an 8.5 out of 10, because there is still a long way to go, but I have complete faith in Ashok and Planet GPA

Pixy Ghosh, PhD student

I am gifted to have joined USAsiaEDU consultancy and to have Ms. Kristen Murphy as my counselor. I was initially a bit sceptical to join the consultancy as geographic location and huge time difference might be a constraint. But these constraints were well handled by you by your round the clock support and prompt response. I am extremely impressed by your working approach especially in handling issues.  Your assurance on getting me a good university for spring admission boosted my confidence level. The kind of support and advice that you have been giving is really invaluable, well meant, analysed and simply remarkable. It’s a great pleasure to have you as my counsellor rather a friend and I am sure that your guidance will definitely help me shape my goal. Kudos to you for all that you have done till now and further guidance that you will be providing and I am confident that we will together achieve success in our endeavour.

Padmaja Seshadri, Chennai, Graduate program in Immunology

I am really happy to have joined UsAsiaEdu consultancy and am glad that Kristen Murphy has been assigned to work on my case. She was very helpful right from the start and in a day we managed to streamline a lot of work that i had in mind. She knows her stuff and is very patient and understanding towards any small queries that i had.
My biggest apprehension was understanding the US Education system and Kristen made sure that information about the universities were well supplied, and any extra information was quickly provided. She made sure that all big hurdles were crossed with ease and made sure no discomfort was provided.
Apart from being an absolute pleasure to talk to , she managed issues very efficiently.
I am sure she will provide me with the same support that she has done so for, which will just seal my approval for all future referrals that i will provide. When interacting with a consultancy, there is always a doubt of, will the work be done, but after getting support from Kristen, I am relaxed and i know i can count on her for all support. Kudos to UsAsiaEdu for having her.

Ganesh S Gharmalkar

It was a total coincidence of me knowing about USAsiaEdu, I was just browsing when I got this link and I happen to fill a form. It was totally unexpected mail which I received from you the very next day. I happen to meet Ms Gowri the same week and everything else was just through mails and a few phone calls. I was at sometime very particular about the place I moved to. But, it was you who made me understand that I need to take the right step rather than depending on people to make way for me.
Today when I look back at things for the past two months I feel I was lucky enough to have met you people. It completely changed the way I looked at things about Universities in the US. You have helped me understand the value of joining a good University and have given me the opportunity to start my career in the right direction. I would definitely not have got such wonderful options on Universities from here if not for you.
It was a wonderful experience working with USAsiaEdu. Now I feel I am more confident about surviving in the US alone. Thank you Ma'am,

Rashmi Naresh

"My experience with PlanetGPA - Delhi branch was amazing. Initially I was apprehensive about the investment I was making, but once I started working with these guys all my doubts disappeared.I believe the selection of right B schools is an extremely important part of your application process. The way they helped me in zeroing in upon the right B schools was commendable. The research did before providing me a list of the schools that I should apply was great. I would like to specially thank headwest team for helping me gain more clarity on my long term objectives and goals. Thanks a lot guys for the help and guidance you have provided."

Saurabh Singh

Thank you very much for the report. I looked through the customized report. It was great. Really I dint know that so much universities will be of open to me..!!

Raghav K.

The information provided is very much helpful. It has been of great help in selecting the universities. I understand and I believe that knowledge and expertise (of the counselor) is very vast. Overall I will provide 9 over 10. I would recommend my friends for they will get the best feedback on their profile and the most apt universities selected and applied.

Sumanth Muvvala, Applicant to Ivy League Universities

I have complete trust in the knowledge of the counselor as it compared to what I read about the procedure myself and it gave me better insights. I would rate the overall service very highly as I was able to get in touch with you (PlanetGPA Counselor) any time of the day through an email. Also, your (PlanetGPA Counselor) kind and encouraging words are a real morale booster in these tough and sometimes depressing times. I should have and will recommend the service to my friends, It is the most comprehensive service that deals with all possible stages of applying.

Shaurat Singh PhD candidate

Ashok and the team at PlanetGPA were thorough professionals in all the services they provided. I contacted them after I was rejected by several universities. It was my second try to gain admission into the PhD program in chemical biology. Working with PlanetGPA, I was able to secure 5 interviews and 3 acceptance offers along with full financial assistance and complete tuition waiver. I really applaud the commendable job done by his team from editing my SOP to short listing of universities. In addition, they followed up with the universities to which I had applied to update me on the status of application. It was a great experience working with PlanetGPA. I strongly recommend them for their their unmatched service and expertise about Ph.D programs in the U.S. Thank for all your help.”

Sulay Patel PhD candidate

My name is Suresh Hande from Hyderabad, India. As an interested to pursue PhD in USA, I search for a good consultancy, which has good experience in selecting top quality universities and writing. Statement of purpose and other needs for PhD students.

First, I took help from XYZ consultancy in Hyderabad and I was not satisfied with their services, especially help in writing SOP. Fortunately, I got the information about planet GPA from the Internet.

The services the planet GPA are well appreciated and I got good response and solutions to my problems immediately. The professional behavior of senior counselor, Ashok Gupta is outstanding. He responded immediately to all my mails and he reviewed all my SOPs several times without any loss of patience. I strongly believe in that Ashok Gupta played an important role in my success in getting admission in Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, USA. Thanks to Ashok Gupta.

If anybody asks me to suggest a good consultancy, without any thought, I will refer to PlanetGPA because it is such an outstanding company devoted especially for students aspiring higher education in USA.

Suresh Dande, Hyderabad, India

USAsiaEdu is a parent company of PlanetGPA. The company has now been renamed PlanetGPA Institute Inc.